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Bedroom featuring the Grafito Collection bed, nightstand, Soho sofa, Soho cocktail table and Soho upholstered chair. Each piece is perfectly balanced to create harmony within the space for both Residential and Hospitality.


By Lucia Gonzalez and Virginia Gil

082_JW_winter2011-3Drawing inspiration from all corners of the world, the Latin American designer’s collections encapsulate both her international influences and particular eye for design. It’s no wonder her designs have graced not only residences but also the interiors of major international hotel chains—including Trump and Starwood— Yet the space that remains most important to Hoyos is the home, partly due to its calming effects.

“A harmonious home environment is the best place to enjoy peaceful living and create stability in our lives,” says Hoyos, who strives for balance in all her designs. Achieving this equilibrium is the goal of all our furniture creations, enriching everyday life through the quality and thoughtfulness of design,” she says.

Throughout a career that’s spanned more than 25 years and seven collections, Hoyos’ designs have ranged in shapes, textures and vision. Contrasting the rich, vibrantly colored woods of her native Latin America with exotic textiles, is the foundation of Hoyos’ global inspiration. Her most recent endeavor, the Grafito Collection, exemplifies just that. A unique blend of luxurious style and urban sophistication, the collection strikes a balance between the calm and the contemporary, the styled and the untouched. With Grafito, Hoyos explores new shapes, proportions and finishes to create spaces that are vibrant and unique, yet true to her body of work. The fabrics and materials used in the collection convey a strong European influence while the use of vertical design elements of traditional architecture.

The most prominent feature of the collection is Seike, an open grain, noble wood that Hoyos complements with two new finishes: Grafito Mink and Grafito Champagne. The former is a rich, gray-brown, while the latter reveals a lighter, frostlike hue. The juxtaposition of the varying colors works to offset the wood’s natural pores and reveal its radiance. The play on dark and light tones permeates throughout the architecturally inclined collection to convey varying levels of sophistication and craftsmanship.

Ovals are also at the center of the collection. In part because of their unusual shape, the oval inspired Hoyos to explore new forms and finishes with Grafito. “I’m intrigued by curves and their versatility; they carry a graceful feeling of motion and warmth into a room and are easily adaptable,” she reveals. The designer believes in the oval’s transformative power when used in the overall design of a space. The Grafito chair, one of several signature pieces in the collection, exemplifies the use oval curvature to draw attention to a specific piece in a room. The chair’s medley of clean lines intersects to create a distinctive motif while the sumptuous curved arms demand concentration.

The Grafito Collection’s sofa, cocktail table and upholstered chair commandeer the open space.
The Grafito Collection’s sofa, cocktail table and upholstered chair commandeer the open space.

Grafito is vibrantly refined yet still represents the timeless design from my previous pieces,” says Hoyos of the vision that weaves through all seven of her collections. “The Grafito Collection is enlightening, and a new exploration within the contemporary approach that I am very excited to introduce.”

The posterior of the Grafito Soho sofa reveals a vertical design carved from porous Seike wood.
The posterior of the Grafito Soho sofa reveals a vertical design carved from porous Seike wood.
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