Seaside Villa in Ibiza Party Island Oasis


By Annabella Goshen | Photography by Lorenzo Vecchia.

Just as a puzzle requires strategic pieces, re ecting both the client’s needs and the location’s attributes for a laid-back enclave leads to gathering all the pieces together for a complete look. This project,

named ES Roca Llisa, is situated in Ibiza, Spain, and is the creation of interior designers ARRCC along with SAOTA architects. The interior décor was created by OKHA, who with their group of renowned professionals strategized to deliver exactly what the client needed: serenity.

ARRCC partners Michele Rhonda, Mark Rielly and Jon Case explained what their objective is, saying, “we create considered and engaging interiors at the leading edge of design. Working closely with our clients, we distil and transform their briefs to exceed original expectations. We believe in life- enhancing spaces that reflect both client and location, and through our re ned approach to design, have developed a style focused on detail and substance.”

While creating an enclave of luxury, the client’s appeal was to enjoy calmness amidst the upbeat lifestyle and tone of Ibiza. As a result, this island can now be relished in a more laid-back approach while o ering entertaining amenities such as an in nity pool, al fresco dining area, and large seating capabilities throughout the living room.

According to ARRCC partner Michele Rhoda, “This house is unique in its detail and quality of nish, and it re ects a living environment that is seductive and inspired by family living.” Merging the objectives of creating a meditative sanctuary as well as a family’s gathering point was completely achieved throughout this unique modern villa.

The rst step to achieving this modern take on a classic Mediterranean villa was to identify the client’s wish list. This villa serves numerous purposes, as it functions not only as a as a meditative space and sanctuary, but also as a family retreat, offering the opportunity to engage in large-scale friends and family gatherings.

The use of earth tones and colors create a natural and laid back ambience.

While creating a habitat centered on laid-back luxury, the scope of designing this modern villa was to create a soothing yet entertaining home. Without competing with the impressive oceanic views, natural and calm tones were incorporated for the hues and materials throughout the home.

These relaxing tones were achieved by choosing natural organic materials. Throughout this villa, timber and stone embrace the serenity- driven mood. Through a tactile approach, these materials incorporate warmth to the contemporary architecture, blending in seamlessly.

In order to add depth and coziness to the minimalist interior, textured material such as stone and wood was juxtaposed with white walls. The large foor-to-ceiling glass doors allow the light and oceanic views to embrace the natural appeal of the design.

Avoiding any type of clutter, each space and level on this three story modern villa has a particular purpose, especially since the client’s wish list included both harmonious living as well as space for many guests. The kitchen area allows ample counter-seating while minimizing the clutter that can be seen in a place to cook. All appliances are tucked away thanks to white cabinets, creating a focal point on the wooden counter top. As each level o ers interior living rooms, there are adjacent balconies and lounge areas which o er privacy when necessary.

The wide array of textures is ubiquitous throughout the home.
Guests are able to feel comfortable throughout the home, with well-thought
details such as pillows and throw-ons.

Throughout the bedrooms, the same bohemian approach to living is incorporated, with natural textures such as wooden floors and stonewalls. Interestingly, each area of the house is equipped with throw- ons and blankets for guests to feel right at home and engage in this barefoot lifestyle. Whether it is a family member or acquaintance, the guest is able to feel appreciated thanks to these attentive details.


Embracing sunlight creates a coziness approach to this dwelling.


Even within areas that exemplify hyperactive lifestyles, clients can have it all. If serenity is their wish, this is achievable through the stylish combination achieved by the architect and designers of this fabulous villa. Island living is peaceful living, even in party hard Ibiza.

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