The Essence of Home


Anima Domus, name derived from the fusion of the Latin words for spirit and home, is a South Florida furniture company with a multicultural story and the mission of turning homes into “personal havens” full of spirit, as their name says.

By Carolina Sempere

Anima Domus was founded in 1998 by Marconi and Silvia Naziazeni, who combined their professional experience—Marconi in business, marketing, logistics, and technology, and Silvia in architecture and design—to create what is now a family enterprise focused on helping clients create interiors with its exclusive, carefully-curated lines of Italian high-end contemporary furniture that adapts to the diverse lifestyles of today’s South Florida residents.   

The Naziazenis emigrated from Brazil in 1996 and, like many who come to South Florida to begin a new chapter of their lives, started out small, using their garage as warehouse and the family’s Grand Caravan as the delivery truck. “This was before you could fold down the seats in a minivan,” Marconi Naziazeni fondly recalls. Now, Anima Domus has three showroom locations in the Miami area, a delivery fleet, and an entire team in charge of logistics and distribution. 

As a native of Brasilia, Marconi Naziazeni is used to living in a diverse community with many different cultures and nationalities. He explains that this experience helps him understand the Miami market well. For him, a market as diverse as Miami’s “presents both a challenge and an opportunity, because you have to translate into furniture something that is understandable for different cultures. You have to select furniture that can transcend and adapt to the diverse cultural tastes of Miami.”


Working primarily with the design trade, Anima Domus employs two full-time architects on staff who, under the direction of Silvia Naziazeni, work with trade partners to guarantee an individualized experience that comes when everyone speaks the same language as the trade.

2016 has been a year of growth and expansion for Anima Domus, opening a state-of-the-art showroom offering its exclusive, Italian-made furnishings in Miami’s MiMo district, expanding to an innovative showroom in Doral, and completing major projects in Madrid, New York City, Costa Rica, and Grand Cayman. Anima Domus has, as Naziazeni explains, “the capacity to deliver a project anywhere, from Tel Aviv, to Paris, to Santiago.” 

For Marconi Naziazeni, a successful business is not all about profit; it must also have a strong commitment to improving society and preserving the planet. Frustrated with the overall vision of environmental protection in the US and those who still question whether climate change is real, Naziazeni has made it his company’s mission to represent only factories who meet the strict standards of ecological and social commitment. Anima Domus represents only companies that have written into their mission statements strict sustainability measures and humane labor practices, particularly in regards to guaranteeing that child-labor is never used to produce any of the products it sells. Naziazeni is encouraged to see that young people today are very conscious of the importance of caring for the planet.

Top: Leandro Oliveira, Helane Fontenele, Thanne Capobiango, Silvia Naziazeni, Marko Djokic, Ursula Silva, Cristiano da Silva. Bottom: Roberta Collier, Jenny Brito, Victor Naziazeni, Marconi Naziazeni, Mauricio Medina, Veronica Tavares.

Priding itself on selling furniture that is easy to live with and adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern families, the Naziazenis prioritize family above all. The next generation, led by Marconi’s long-time protege Marko and son Victor, both of whom are deeply involved in the operations and expansion of Anima Domus, assures Marconi and Silvia that their family business will thrive into the future, continuing to operate under Anima Domus’ strict commitment to offering furniture collections from socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers.

“In the end,” Marconi believes “our business is done in trust, as clients trust Anima Domus to deliver, as promised, a product that is in impeccable shape.” Anima Domus’ extensive list of return customers attests to the company’s commitment to specialized customer service.

In its innovative showrooms in Aventura, Miami, and Doral, Anima Domus offers such prestigious brands as Poltrona Frau, Porada, CLEI, Gamma, Reflex, and many others. Its staff of designers is ready to help customers create their home, offering professional design advice and friendly service.

Working with this spirit, or Anima, everything is playing out well for this Brazilian family that sells select Italian furniture in Miami to customers of all nationalities, as a perfect example of multiculturalism in business.