In The Habitus Success


With over twenty years’ experience in the industry as curator and designer of high-end furniture collections, Javier Malik, who began in the home interiors industry in his native Argentina, founded Habitus, a one-stop furnishings emporium, after moving to South Florida in 2003.

By Carolina Sempere

Habitus, with an 8000-square-foot location in Aventura and a recently opened one in Doral, has over 12,000 total square feet filled with the latest furniture collections from prestigious manufacturers from around the world, as well as unique accessories and lighting for most kinds of interior and exterior environments. Habitus also features its own collection, created by Javier Malik and his team of designers, offering contemporary furniture which, keeping pace with the latest industry tendencies, adapts to the real life needs of clients worldwide. “Our furniture,” explains Malik “is meant for living.” For customers in a rush to complete a project, most of the products featured in Habitus are in-stock and ready for shipping, which is through a white glove delivery service that carefully installs the furnishings.

EntrepreneursFor more precise needs, the design team at Habitus works with clients through free design consultations to create custom-made furniture from its palette of textures, colors, fabrics, finishes and designs, helping them craft a home that fits their needs and lifestyle. “Habitus is unique,” continues Malik, “in that it offers a carefully-curated collection of furnishings, while also offering and developing our own collections.”  Besides interior furnishings, it also offers a selection of high quality, contemporary, and functional outdoor and office furnishings in the latest styles. Habitus designers can also create a functional and adaptable residential or hospitality space bespoke to the needs of clients. They do this by working with trade partners to offer furniture tailored to the specific needs of architects and designers for projects all over the world. For developers and clients that need a more practical approach, they also offer turn-key apartment packages that adapt to needs, styles and budgets. 

Besides its two showrooms, Habitus has reached a global presence through its online offerings, shipping to customers worldwide. Because of this, they have noticed that trends renew themselves constantly, which is why their design team is constantly creating new design lines that evolve with the changing tastes of their global customers. 


When asked to what he attributes his company’s success, Javier Malik explains, “Ultimately, what keeps a business like Habitus going is its employees. A happy team, a work environment where employees can work comfortably, results in better treatment for the customer. Above all, what matters is treating the customer with respect.” Because of this company philosophy, the Habitus staff is focused on exceeding client expectations in the process of guiding them to furnish the home of their dreams.