The Juicing Lifestyle


By Dorita Gilinski

FOTO-HEALTHIf you thought juicing was just a passing health fad, Cold. Pressed. Raw (CPR) is about to show you otherwise. The Holistic Health Coaches behind this Miami-based kosher juicing start up, Tatiana Peisach Morgenstern and Corina Abadi were inspired to create a product that would help its costumers achieve a healthier lifestyle while simultaneously keeping in mind the demands of modern living.

Just a quick glance at all the benefits of juicing is enough to make you a believer: more energy, weight loss, cancer prevention, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind and body (not to mention, clearer skin!) are sufficiently enticing.

Despite my eternal desire to get  ‘healthier’, I have previously struggled to stick to a regime but CPR, has a solution for all of my excuses. No time? CPR delivers it organic and kosher certified juices straight to your door. Struggle on ‘diets’?  This is hardly a draconian experience – CPR encourages each person to find what works for him or her. While three-day liquid only cleanses are the most popular package for a full-body reboot, the Holistic Health Coaches also recommend incorporating nutrient rich juices such as its ‘The Green’ (full of good-for-you ingredients such as kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, romaine, apple and lemon) into your day – not in replacement of your daily intake but in addition to it.

Though the benefits of juicing are evident, not all juices are created equal. The juicer you are likely using at home uses a blade to break down the pulp of the produce, which generates heat and oxidizes your home-made health drink, leaving you with a juice that is devoid of nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes. CPR.’s unique system of pressing organic fruits and vegetables into a hydraulic press leaves drinkers with a ‘better’ quality of nutrient and enzyme filled juice – with a much more authentic, wholesome taste. As an amateur juicer with no experience in cleansing, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious these powerful concoctions could be. The ‘a-phro-fruit’, a refreshing mix of pineapple, mint, and alkaline water was revitalizing on a scorching Miami afternoon. The ‘Green mylk’, high in protein and essential amino acids (it is a sweet mix of raw almond, spirulina, chlorophill, date, vanilla extract and alkaline water) trickled down my throat smoothly. With ‘Green mylk’ in hand, I felt ready to leave aside my daily calorie-filled latte in favor of energizing alternatives that do not make me feel deprived.

While the detox program allows you six 16ox juices a day, I chose to reap the benefits of juices by adding them to my diet. Without going to extreme measures, this small lifestyle change left me feeling like superwoman (without my usual caffeine or sugar fixes). Whereas previously I felt grumpy and exhausted by the afternoon, the nutrient and vitamins from CPR’s juices left me with energy to spare.

The best part of the experience was how easy it all was: You get in touch with CPR via email, text, phone or website, they send you a questionnaire asking about your goals and health habits and they answer your questions and help get you started. There are four options for the cleanses to choose from: Level 1 is for first timers, level 2 for those who already are health conscious, level 3 for experienced cleansers and Athlete Cleanse for avid sportsmen. You can also choose to cleanse for one, two or three days. And if you ever find yourself struggling, CPR’s very own Holistic Health Counselors will provide you with support throughout your cleanse. If the benefits from adding juices to my day left me elated for days, I can only look forward to how good I will feel after a detoxing cleanse.

19252761_xlWhat is a “cold pressed” juice?

Cold pressed is a method of juice making in which the produce is squeezed in a hydraulic press, preserving vital and essential elements. Basically, your typical juicer uses a blade, which stirs up heat, oxidizing fruits and vegetables. This friction destroys the nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes. The cold pressed process not only maximizes the yield and amount of nutrients and enzymes in your juice, it also provides a refreshingly authentic and smooth taste.

What is a juice detox cleanse?

A Juice detox cleanse is a program in which a person drinks six 16 oz juices a day for one, two or three days. The benefits of a juice cleanse are plenty, but one of the main benefits is that juice cleanses give your digestive system a break while at the same time efficiently feeding your body with an abundance of nutrients. Juice cleansing allows the body to eliminate toxins and to “reboot.” The juice cleanse is an ideal opportunity for you to kick-start your habits toward healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle in general.

What is a maintenance program?

Get the benefits of the juices by simply incorporating them into your everyday life. CPR suggests that a great way to do it is to drink “The Green” everyday, first thing in the morning, then complement it by having another juice depending on your lifestyle. If trying to lose weight, the “Mexi-Cayenne” helps speed up your metabolism and is a natural appetite suppressant. If you are an athlete, you should try the delicious “Heart Beet” or the “Green Almond,” a fresh almond-milk sweetened with dates and enhanced with spirulina and chlorophyll.

Where to find it? 

Cold Pressed Raw organic and kosher certified juices are available in their CPR Stations (vending refrigerators) throughout Miami, in gyms, yoga studios, and restaurants. CPR also delivers directly to clients in Miami. You may place orders online at or by calling 305-2094277.