The Princess Dream


By Monica Haim  |  Photos by Studio 1791 

In this increasingly modern and minimalistic world, it can be refreshing to see a little glitz back in the mix. While it’s true that most people these days want clean, contemporary décor at their events—rooms replete with cube-shaped lamps and stark white walls—there are still those among us who seek that strain of old-time decadence that you really only see in the movies.

A simply white chuppah and chairs pops elegantly against the green of the venue courtyard.
A simply white chuppah and chairs pops elegantly against the green of the venue courtyard.

For this particular wedding, the bride longed to evoke a classical regal air, an all-out royal night lit up with personal romantic flair. Event planner and designer Lisi Korn from Forever Events, wanted the bride to feel like an old-fashioned Hollywood actress, and relied on the use of unique customized details to make it all come to life. The idea was to keep the focus on the party, so the unanimous choice was made to keep the ceremony soft, elegant and low-key. This was easy to accomplish by setting it outside and using a clean palate of white chairs and a white chuppa against the slowly setting sun. To punctuate the fairy tale vibe, the couples’ initials were monogrammed in gold along the runner that led to the chuppa, and only the accents of pink orchids popped out in the scene.


The big splash came the moment guests walked into the reception area, the goal being to transport them to some other Gatsby-like time of intentional opulence. The centerpieces for example made by florist Petal Productions, hit the wow-factor in the room in the form of massive balls of off-white roses for each table. These pieces gave the room an instant sense of grandeur and each table a prominent focal point as the roses converged with the elegant strands of crystals that draped each arrangement.

An abundance of flowers instantly romanticizes this affair.
An abundance of flowers instantly romanticizes this affair.


The bride’s table itself seemed to be made completely of flowers. A translucent plexi material to craft a hollow table was used, and was filled with tons and tons of white flowers—the whole thing perfectly candle-lit. The tablesettings appeared to hover over the seemingly infinite bed of white flowers, upon which the bride and groom dined. Customized napkin rings, gold chargers (bottom plates), goldrimmed glasses and gold-trimmed chairs served as optimal accents to raise the air of splendor.

The wedding cake was also customized, as a whole other riser was added to it, which gave it an extra boost of height. Rhinestones were used to detail the frosting. The crown, which sat atop the cake, was personalized with the couples’ initials in elegant cursive. The posh dessert, flanked by orchids on all sides, rested on a clear plexi case that was also filled with white flowers. Besides roses for the centerpieces, Korn used a mix of hydrangeas and orchids in white and cream throughout the room—and went over the top with candlelight to pump the feeling of romantic drama.


Guests were treated to a family-style banquet fit for kings and queens, with three hours of back-to-back dining that included vodka and caviar. They were also privy to a high-octane Russian band (an ode to the couples’ roots) and a saucy troupe of Brazilian dancers—the entire night culminating as an affair to truly remember.

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