Live The Luxe Event

By Jen Karetnick

“With what this wedding is costing us, your father and I could have bought you a house.” I’m sure I wasn’t the only bride to ever hear such a statement from a stressed-out mom, nor will I be the last. (In fact, my sister, who got married afterame, often heard this as well. She was the last, at least in our family.)

Many brides and grooms spend so much money—or their parents’ money—on a wedding reception that afterwards, they almost regret not saving the funds for a bigger, longer-lasting expenditure. Like, say, a starter home for the two of them.


But there is a way that brides and grooms can have their cake and eat it, too. Or at least their specialty dining tables. Luxe Event Rentals, a company that supplies furniture and accessories in four cities, will not only build-to-design for a high-end wedding (or other occasion), it will negotiate the price with the nuptial couple and, after the last guest has gone home, sell them back their own party décor.


In other words, Luxe will furnish their wedding, and furnish their house.

Of course, providing home décor is not really the rental company’s primary focus. It’s just a great perk to think about, or give your intended as a wedding gift, if you can afford it. Frankly, those who can are usually celebrities in search of an exclusive, who want to ensure that no one else will ever be photographed wearing designer wedding duds on a certain chaise lounge or posing near a particular candelabra ever again. Sometimes such one-offs –-the chaise or the candelabra, not the celebrity–will even end up in a nightclub, lounge or hotel like the SLS.  “It goes on a case-by-case basis,” company owner Hayim Treitel says.

Luxe Event Rentals,  a company that supplies beautiful  furniture and accessories in four cities

What Luxe really does is supply upscale events, ranging from bar-mitzvahs to award shows like the Grammys, Emmys and Oscars, with upscale furniture and accessories chosen from a portfolio of thousands of objects. These pieces are what set the vibe or atmosphere for the events, reflecting the clients’ wishes—or fulfilling ones they didn’t even know they had. And no two events, even the ones that use similar pieces, wind up being alike. “Each has its own aesthetic,” Treitel says.


It would almost be impossible for any wedding reception, bar-mitzvah celebration or awards show after-party not to be indelibly individualized, at this point; Treitel, who started the business in 2001, has warehouses stuffed full of chic, designer goods in four locations: Miami, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles (check out the blog for more gorgeous photos and ideas for your own evetns at Lines of furniture—tables, chairs, bars, stools, sofas, ottomans, you name it—carry names like “High Style,” “Baroque Gone Modern” and “South Beach Chic.” In addition, the variety of fabrics Treitel offers, from trendy metallic leather with Swarovski tufting to Victorian damask, is almost daunting; likewise the hues of his products, which can vary from “ghost” acrylic to rich plummy velvet.

To create both lines and the styles for certain events, Treitel works with a cadre of well-known design firms and individual designers, including Design 42, Colin Cowie and Barton G. If you’re a bride or a bar-mitzvah mom with no clear idea on where or how to begin, Treitel’s firm even acts almost like a wedding planner, recommending florists, caterers and stylists in each city where he houses his goods.



He’ll also guide you to the latest looks of the season, which currently have been “moving away from baroque, French and romantic toward muted tones and natural fabrics,” Treitel notes. Thus the impetus for a new rustic line he plans to soon debut from Luxe, for a more casual-appearing affair that reflects the outdoor life—and, if you manage your budget well enough, a more relaxed look for your living and dining rooms as well.