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By Annabella Goshen

For 16 years and counting, Jeff Leatham has been the artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. His gallery of floral work is portrayed in this upscale hotel. As such a visionary in the field of floral artistry, Jeff Leatham continues to brainstorm new creations and consequently changes styles every three weeks. Just as a flower requires seasonal changes and blooming processes, Leatham does not stop innovating.

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Leatham becomes inspired by the space in order to create a harmonious balance with flowers, chandeliers, and the ambience.

With a background in modeling and an interest in fashion design, Leatham celebrates and acknowledges the importance of fashion through flowers. While a fashion designer can come up with a floral print each season, his floral prints come to life as he selects designs and works with flowers.

Although he can be considered the celebrity floral artist, he is a humble and hard working human being that has revolutionized the way people think about flowers, creating a signature look and style that everyone loves. Despite his numerous accolades, he feels honored to become the signature aspect of hotels, people’s homes and events.

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“I am my worst enemy, since I have never done the same thing twice. I try to be as creative as possible in making arrangements never before seen” Leatham explains when asked how he creates such dramatic effects in floral designs. His emphasis is on creating quantity in simplicity. In his perception, few types of flowers in large arrangements will catch people’s eye the most. He believes people can connect on a deeper level with the arrangement when simplicity is communicated throughout the floral design. This is why within a lobby or event, Leatham’s approach to beautifying spaces is surrounding guests with pleasant simplicity. So rather than incorporating too many types of flowers, he uses three types at the most, arranging them in ensembles of multiple shapes and textures. When designing flowers, he thinks about creating a clean, simple and chic outcome, with monochromatic results that allow the viewers to stop and admire the arrangement.

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I am my worst enemy, since I have never done the same thing twice. I try to be as creative as possible in making arrangements never before seen

When it comes to his trademark flowers, the ones Jeff Leatham uses the most are orchids, hydrangeas, roses and callas. They are strong, long-lasting, and they make an impact. On a personal note, magnolias are also among his favorite flowers.

In addition to creating designs at the George V Hotel in Paris, Jeff Leatham has a new floral and design studio located in the Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. Serving as the lead artistic director for all hotel floral, he continues to design beautiful, high-profile weddings and events. Inspired by his flowers, he also delved into other fields including fragrances, vases, rizzoli books and even carpets.

Jeff Leatham is a revolutionary floral artist. He strives for his designs to create an unforgettable experience, for each floral placement to be part of an overall masterpiece, an artistic experience full of life, scents and emotions. 

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