Under the Tuscan Sun

Party Design

Choosing a magical yet completely feasible place for your destination wedding can be quite a challenge. Tuscany is such a place, majestic yet practical, filled with culture and enchantment in every corner.

By Annabella Goshen

Art, culture and architecture emanate from picturesque Tuscany, endowed with resplendent cities and landscapes. Florence, which is considered one of the top wedding destinations, offers the bride and groom, as well as its honored guests, a unique and splendid backdrop for any type of event.

Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, the goddess of love, which is hung in the Uffizi Gallery, is no coincidence. Florence is considered the city of romance, offering splendid sightseeing, extensive exposure to art, and a quixotic atmosphere. This region is a perfect combination of art, cozy villages, nature, architecture, history and great food. Tuscany has hundreds of spectacular villas, resorts, castles, and all kinds of wedding venues, which accommodate everything from small, intimate, even country-style and rustic weddings, to large, elegant, formal weddings for thousands of guests.

To present a sample event, JW reached out to Bianco Bouquet, a wedding company based out of Florence, which kindly collaborated with us. The first thing Costanza Giaconi, founder & wedding planner of Bianco Bouquet, said is that the success of a destination wedding is all about the clients’ and guests’ needs and tastes. She recommends that couples think about who they are and what their preferences are, and at the same time, remember that the wedding is for all the guests, not just for them. Such as the case at hand, which turned out beautifully.

Party Design
A Tuscan villa can exemplify rustic charm through its wooden beams and doorways, adding on modern touches with Kartell chairs.

For this wedding, the bride was a young artist who wanted everything to be captivating and unique, represents the couple’s personality. They chose a villa a few minutes outside of Florence to ease transportation and allow guests to visit Florence as well as its surroundings. Their use of bright and bold colors represented their happy and joyful lives. Therefore, this wedding was a perfect mix of rustic Tuscan mood with modern style. The rustic style was envisioned by the wooden branches and the fairy lights, along with the villa’s décor. The modern style was depicted by the Kartell chairs and the fluorescent colors. A touch of elegance and classic style was achieved by incorporating silver candelabra on the tables.

The ceremony itself represented a combination of Italian traditions along with the couple’s tastes. Instead of throwing rice, which is an Italian tradition, the bride wanted thousands of dried flowers to be thrown at the end of the ceremony. The canopy had large flower compositions on classic urns.

After the ceremony was completed, the dinner was set in the Limonaia, which is the garden conservatory adjacent to the villa. Round tables were decorated with colored centerpieces. A 16.4 yards (15 meters) long rectangular table was set up for the bride, groom and their closest friends. It contained spectacular decorations, including silver candelabra, wooden branches with hanging vases filled with flowers and candles.

Party Design
Dainty candles combined with colorful flowers and silver adornments create an enchanting atmosphere.

The details of this wedding also formed part of the couple’s identity. The inspiration for this event was the paintings made by the bride, which were joyful and colorful. As the bride’s logo is a flower, the main theme of the wedding was flowers everywhere. The table plan was made by several paintings with handwritten names, and the wedding favors were a painted box with flower seeds.Party Design

According to Costanza Giaconi, who has pleased the demanding tastes of clients from around the globe, “a must have in events are hundreds of candles, since they create a warm and romantic atmosphere,” adding that she seeks to design couple’s dreams around them, emphasizing the unique style of their love story. However, beyond the magic of decoration, she pointed out that Bianco Bouquet is meticulous when it comes to logistics, because for the beauty of a wedding planner’s design to be appreciated and enjoyed, all transportation and accommodation must be organized flawlessly. In this sense, Florence is also a practical place for a destination wedding, as it is well linked to train stations and airports.

With the soft glow of the Tuscan sun, the peaceful views of the Italian countryside, and the practicality of a well-connected and hospitable city such as Florence, a bride and groom can definitely have their dreams fulfilled in this city of romance.