Illuminate Your Life


By Carlos Ferrando 

Valencia, Spain, with its proximity to the ocean and  sunny surroundings, has earned the name the title, “light city”—whereby the resplendent sun and glistening sea bring about the city’s unique glow. But it is not the only light city in the world. Just across the Atlantic and over to Miami, one can find equally bright beaches brimming with the same vibrancy and intensity that defines Valencia—the essence that connects two seemingly different cities.

For COMPAC, The surfaces Company, it was about combining these two energies to create one transatlantic enterprise. For the last 10 years, COMPAC has been an avid distributor of radiant marble and quartz pieces, both of which are produced under very different conditions in two separate factories within our company. It was six years ago that I set my sights stateside in hopes of bringing the essence of our company to homes in Miami. What was initially a temporary endeavor quickly became a permanent venture in the United States. I found that although the marble factory was well established in Europe, specifically my hometown of Valencia, and the quartz factory in Abrantes, Portugal; adapting to this demanding market in the U.S. during the financial crisis was not easy. We wanted to give the residents of Miami a way to bring their own style of cosmopolitan living into their homes with COMPAC, which only uses marble made with 95 percent of natural marble material from the best Spanish quarries, resins and other binders. This way, we’re able to source a product that improves the functional properties of natural stone but still maintain its essence.

The trend in Miami is to use countertops with light colors in order to give a sense of cleanliness and purity to spaces. Colors like Absolute Blanc and the two nature colors, Botticino and Carrara, which mimic the natural grain of the stone offer the perfect union between purity and innovative design. One of the newest shades of white marble is the WHITE FARAYA, which was commissioned and specifically used for the Zorlu Center in Istanbul, Turkey—the largest project in the city!

COMPAC Technological Quartz, which is mainly used for kitchen countertops, is one of the strongest materials on the market today. Because it’s 92 to 95 percent natural quartz and resists resins, the material maintains the solidity, strength and durability of the product. Technology allows COMPAC to use a number of pigments and resins that also make these surfaces highly versatile. The newest line of colors from COMPAC called Nature—inspired by the beauty of natural stones—uses BIO resins that are greener, healthier and more sustainable than polyester.

The most popular marble colors in Miami and Valencia tend to be lighter shades that enhance the natural glow of the home and, at the same time, complement the sand and the ocean. Clients typically choose colors such as Blanco Micro, Crema Altea or Blanco Stone that attract sunlight and enlarge the space the overall space. The beauty of COMPAC is that it affords us all the opportunity to create a kitchen that matches our individual personalities. This high-quality product is ideal  for flooring, wall cladding and baths as well.

Coming in to the South Florida market, we knew that Valencia’s aesthetic was a great fit for Miamians but it wasn’t without struggle. It was a challenge that I loved, worked very at and, ultimately, saw tremendous results from the investment my company made. Our goal is to continue to grow and build customer loyalty, as well as reach out to new distributors in Florida. Personally, I love Miami. Initially I came here to launch the company and return to Spain in a few years, but I would like to stay here forever.