Strength of Design


At GreathireUSA, customers are being offered superior design and outstanding quality on a range of contemporary rental furniture.

The London based company has just opened a showroom in North Miami, with a range of high end chairs, bars stools, tables and much more.

Miami, with its exotic and international denizens, was a logical extension for this highly successful English company.   With parties, conventions and events being held in south & central Florida, seven days a week, Greathire has a built-in market.

Aundrea Insinna, President of GreathireUSA, recognised a need in the events industry for high end design furniture for rent.  She grabbed the opportunity to significantly change the status quo, improve the look of events and offer the UK and European industry designer furniture.

“I was looking to add glamour, variety and great design to a multitude of A-list events happening throughout the UK and Europe,” she explains.  “I started slowly and things grew organically”.   She believes that all events should look natural and perfect; parties should inspire and make people happy.   

Creating a beautiful environment is what this entrepreneur loves to do, and she works around the clock to make it happen.

Insinna calls herself a workaholic and control freak, she is actively involved in the day to day business management furniture design and manufacturing. She is a top executive who hires other talented people and is not afraid to watch her employees shine.

“ I have done events all over the world but the ones that stand out the most are those that greatly challenge us”, says Insinna of her work ethic, “this is what makes us grow and get better each year”.

She travels the world for inspiration to ensure the continuous design and development of beautiful and functional furniture which will enable clients to host spectacular events in any locale.    These qualities are what make her company sought after by the most prestigious venues in England and throughout Europe, including the Royal Opera House, Victoria & Albert Museum and Sotheby’s.

We will always be inventive, says Insinna, who is now preparing for London’s Olympic games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this summer as well as its hundreds of parties and events planned for 2012.

Greathire is constantly challenging itself to get better and go beyond its goals to become a top furniture-rental source around the world.

Now Miami and all of south and central Florida will be able to rent Greathire’s high end furniture.   

This is why Greathire is a magical find for Miami visionaries in the events business. 

Party on!