By Dan Fuhrman

Fun, creative, colorful, and cute are just a few words that describe the most unique children jewelry collection in the world. Dealing with only 18kt gold we have proudly managed to turn Amalia into a reference when thinking of high-end jewelry for kids. We have also achieved this by offering the largest possible variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, in our effort to please everyone’s liking.

Gold Carat purity is measured as 24 times the purity by mass, therefore, 24-Carat gold is fine; it’s 99.9% gold. 18-Carat gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal, forming an alloy, which means that an 18kt gold piece is 75% gold and a combination of alloys that equal 25%—the alloys are added to increase durability and/or alter the gold’s natural color. The 18kt gold mixture is mostly gold and it’s the highest you can buy in the local jewelry market. 24kt gold is too soft to work with, therefore 18 Kt ensures safe jewelry for your children and promises no allergic reactions. Safety is also the reason why all our products are lead free.

We owe our success not only to quality, but also to variety. At our store we have, many different styles of earrings such as screw-backs, post, dangling, and lever back so you can choose what is most comfortable for your child. Our bracelets also come in a wide range such as ID bracelets, baby bangles, and our very popular half bangles. Necklaces come in different lengths with charms that are in line, or hanging. We also have a wide range of chains that come in plain gold or with enamel. Most of our products are within collections that can be mixed and matched with other pieces.

Amalia first came to mind when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter. As a jeweler, I wanted to give our daughter, as a birth present, something special that she could use at all times but that would be fun, beautiful, and of course 18kt. I truly went out of my way to find it, going to different places around the country, including trade shows and manufacturers, looking for a special piece to give our daughter, but I did not find much in children’s jewelry, and nothing in 18kt gold. At that moment, I decided to create a line for these very special people, our little ones. I went to different manufacturers in Italy and started creating Amalia, an 18kt children’s jewelry, with lead free enamel so it would be fun, beautiful and of course safe for all kids.

Over time, we have grown and so has our collection. We now have the largest kid’s assortment of 18kt in the world, and I’m not exaggerating. We believe in expansion outside our borders and natural markets, so we have retail carriers all over the USA, South and Central America. In the interest of expansion, we have also opened our first Amalia Boutique. Located in Aventura, FL, our store is a jewelry store and a clothing store all in one, where you can find brands like Flowers by Zoe, Vintage Havana, Little Paul & Joe, and Monnalisa. Our collections of clothing vary from fun daytime sets to fancy party outfits and from sizes for newborns up to size 16. There we also carry the entire Amalia 18kt gold collection, and a new Teen Silver collection from the fantastic Spanish designer; Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. This collection is colorful and creative, and we are sure that girls and teens will love to wear these flamboyant pieces. At our store, girls are sure to find the perfect outfit to match the jewelry.

In the near future, we plan on opening stores in South Miami and Palm Beach. Our objective is to always be on people’s top-of-mind when thinking of any event, birthday, bat mitzvah, and in need of jewelry or a gift for girls. And to think it all started with a gift for my own daughter. 

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