Briza on the Bay

Miami’s premier event venue is exceeding expectations one celebration at a time.

By Boaz Tepper

What began as an experimental business in my grandfather’s packinghouse nestled in an orange grove in Israel has evolved into a premiere, full-service event planning company in the heart of Miami. We have proudly become Miami’s premiere event venueP, and we continue exceeding expectations one celebration at a time. Creative event planning spans continents and cultures, so when friends and families come together to celebrate a momentous occasion, we want all of the necessary elements for a memorable event to be already present. After more than 30 years in the event planning business, my goal is to transform the notable into unforgettable and the ordinary into extraordinary.


Briza on the Bay sits on prime waterfront real estate, offering patrons breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay to one side and Downtown Miami’s striking skyline to the other. While it took two years and countless hours of laboring to find and create our venue, Briza on the Bay encapsulates the fundamentals of a top-notch space, including ample parking for guests and staff, and a waterfront view—the pillar of our many successful events. Lighting is also something we take very seriously for every function, both large and small. We recognize a beautiful ocean view is only as good as the lighting used to illuminate it, which is why we tailor our lighting design to fit not only the mood of the event but also the backdrop.

Our focus on creating a total ambiance starts with employing talented staff, from an award-winning chef to dedicated team members that work tirelessly to ensure every detail is taken care of. I’m a vested partner, providing a hands-on approach so needed for a seamless, successful event. I believe in celebrating life through great parties and also in the theatrics that go along with them. We built our venue from the ground up to ensure that far from being a conventional event space, Briza on the Bay could offer clients a new standard in our industry, as we deliver Hollywood dazzle through top-notch event management with a personal touch. Because no event or occasion is the same, all of Briza on the Bay’s services are offered a la carte, without packages or preset guidelines as many in the industry lazily do. We respect the wishes of our customers and endeavor to create an environment where we can collaborate fluidly to make an event that exceeds expectations.


In my years in the food and beverage industry, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee a myriad of events, and I pride myself on having made sure that each one was not only different, but also better than the one before. We set the bar high for ourselves because the artistry lies in exceeding the expectations of the people we serve. The appreciation that I get at the end of each event is what makes it a success for me. Money is a factor, but the real compensation for my effort is the appreciation that I get. The joy I feel when my clients, on their big day, see me from afar and give me a thumbs-up because everything is going great is what makes my job the best job in the world. Our goal as a business and as a team is to aim for greater success each and every time, to excel in today’s event further than we did in yesterday’s, and to make sure that your celebration, no matter how complex, feel like a breeze…on the bay.