Bringing Space To Life


By Nathalie Benhamu-Salama

nathalie-benamuIn 2009, I moved to Miami with a degree in architecture in hand and more than five years of professional experience in Venezuela. A few months later, I started working with Veneta Cucine, in which Corrado Bonanno and I started working together in the design of kitchens and Italian bathrooms and closets. We both had the same vision for space and the same taste for modern design, bright and elegant, nothing overdone.

Viewing the resurgence of real estate, and the boom design stores have had in the last couple of years, as well as the need of our customers for someone to guide them not only in the design process of their kitchens but of their whole apartments or houses, we decided to embark on the project of creating B83 design studio.

The main idea was to offer our customers a complete service from spatial design, search and selection of furniture, in many cases with its direct sale at a lower cost, and supervision in the case of more complex projects. It was all about presenting a complete concept of space that people imagine, but do not know how to turn into reality.

IMG_2380Today, we offer our customers quality in our designs, the latest trends, and perpetual experimentation with style mixes depending on the taste of the client, whether classic with modern, a little vintage or baroque, or more towards industrial. Whatever our clients’ preference, we always manage to capture the image they have in their minds, leading us to develop even the smallest details of design.

diningCurrently, we balance our work between Veneta Cucine and B83 design, because both complement each other and help us to stay a step ahead together with our customers. On one hand, in the case of kitchen designs we know what style and model adapts better to their tastes and needs (cutting out the middle-men), and on the other, we finish guiding and monitoring the whole process to avoid any delays or mishaps along the way.

We still have much to do and grow in Miami. There are many future plans and projects, and we must continue preparing ourselves in other areas of design and construction, but for now we plan to continue serving our customers and offering them the best service we can. Our greatest satisfaction is to see how all those lines, pictures and ideas become reality, and become the homes of our customers.

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