Where’s Your Jew Crew?®


In the age of the smartphone app, Jessica L. Moreno, founder of Chai Match™, aims to cut the technology out on this one. As a personalized dating matchmaking service, the meet-ups will be hand picked by Jessica herself. “Online dating has become window shopping; many are there to simply browse. Chai Match™ is for those who are ready to take the next step.” And with a Rolodex of 1000s of single Jews in south Florida and beyond, Jessica seems just the perfect yenta to help them out. Jessica’s cupid is set to shoot its’ first arrow end of April.

Originally from the Boston area, she spent the first part of her career in finance and sales, but like many other millennials, the lack of passion for her career bothered her. “It’s hard to get motivated to sell insurance for rental cars or purchasing chemicals for a LATAM cosmetics company,” (she’s done them both). After a move to south Florida, Jessica decided to hit the reset button.

Given her slogan, “Where’s your Jew Crew?®” her premise is simple: connect Jews in South Florida as well as the snowflakes from New York and Canada by producing and hosting hot events at the trendiest digs in Miami. Just three years ago, Chai Social® was born at the world famous Gansevoort Hotel with 350 “Socialites.” “I was a nervous wreck for the months before the party,” Jessica explains, “I was in charge of the entertainment, the promotion and marketing…it started as a party of one” [she laughs]. Since then, she has played host to nearly 20 events, each more over the top than the previous one. If the past is any representation of the future, it looks like the party has just gotten started. She recently co-produced the 27th Annual Matzoball® Event held at LIV Nightclub in the swanky Fontainebleau Hotel. For those who are unfamiliar with The Matzoball®, it is the most popular event for Jews on Christmas Eve. This year, there were eleven held around the country. Jessica managed to get a jaw-dropping 1500 people out to the Fontainebleau that night; if you didn’t know where your Jewish friends were on December 24th, there is a good chance they were probably there!

She is now gearing up now once again for another year of event management for the largest Passover events in the country, mainly Matzo Madness and the Finale Passover Ball, where attendance of over 1200 is expected at each event. Much like The Matzoball®, the Passover events with Chai Social® host Jews from all over the world and with varying levels of practice. “The opportunity to connect with so many Jews in one place is truly a unique experience,” Jessica adds. “Miami is the destination for Passover and these events are filled with Jews from Miami, NYC, LA, Canada, South America, and even Israel! There aren’t many events in the country with this sort of cache.”

Never more than an arm’s reach from her cell phone (you can chat her up at 305 JEW CREW), Jessica seems to have her finger on the pulse of south Florida, and she’s been able to branch into complimentary ventures. Last year she was part of the marketing and promotion team of both the Chanukah Acoustic tour of Matisyahu in fourteen different cities and the Dudu Fisher concert series in five major metropolitan areas, and when the Idan Raichel Project came to south Florida, they called Jessica. “Its just such an incredible journey these past few years! Before I used to try to plan out the trajectory of everything, but it’s been amazing to see how millennials have transformed and morphed into a multiplatform venture,” she explains.

And while Jessica keeps pretty tight-lipped about her brewing ventures (read: she’s like your grandmother slapping your hand on Friday night while you try to sneak a taste of her chicken soup), it’s clear that Jessica has some tasty pots on the stove.  

To check it out for yourself, find her at

http://ChaiSocial.com or call +1 305 JEW CREW. Join her VIP list http://ChaiSocial.com/jew-crew

For social media, “like” her page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChaiSocial or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ChaiSocial

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