Convenience 2.0

From left to right Maurice Mays, Aaron (AJ) Segall, Jonathan Kadoch, Alex Sutherland and Ruben Sebastian.


By Annabella Goshen

Within sunny, and often times torrential South Florida, the concept of grocery shopping is quite loathsome. Nobody likes to get in the car during high temperatures, and have to endure the complete grocery shopping process. This entails navigating traffic, finding a decent parking space, gathering all items into the shopping cart, paying for items after waiting in line, and placing the products in the car. Finally, once you think this experience is over, comes the burden of taking the items out of the car and organizing them at home.

Entrepreneur and founder Jonathan Kadoch knew there had to be a better way. As two working parents struggled to find time and patience to purchase groceries while raising three children, they sought a solution. Kadoch noticed his wife would wait for him to come home, and they would either go late at night while the kids were asleep to a wholesale club, or on  weekends. On weekends, this would take a complete Sunday morning or afternoon. “How many times have you seen parents in a grocery store carry heavy items while also having to entertain their small children? You don’t realize all the work that’s involved. It’s a lot of labor. So I pursued my motto for Unloathe: no driving, no lifting, no worries.”

Coming from Latin America, where weekends were spent as quality time with friends and family, Kadoch wanted to revert to this simplified lifestyle. “We live such hectic lives, that it all boils down to taking advantage of services in order to enjoy quality time. You don’t have to waste your free time, in which most of us have so little of, to buy basic necessities such as toilet paper.”

Due to this gap in the market, Kadoch founded, a website and delivery service that satisfies these demands. Unloathe carries over 6,000 discounted products, ranging from detergents, grocery items, to bulky products such as dog food or large packs of water. Individuals can create a schedule of items they want, and will deliver them on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or one time basis.

As online shopping has become competitive and enticing, has created strategies to attain a competitive advantage. This company tackles any grocery need, from the most annoying items to get into cars, such as large packs of paper towels, to smaller packages such as meat.

Moreover, the reality is that the South Florida shopper does not purchase all items solely in one grocery chain. While some items are purchased in membership style bulk stores, other items are purchased in the local and smaller supermarkets. Unloathe will offer all of these items as part of this one stop service.

With the option of free next-day delivery and allowing delivery time flexibility, clients will be able to take advantage of significant grocery savings without sacrificing service. “We will never leave anything for you on your front door or in the receiving area of the building. Our white glove delivery service will allow clients to specify where they want things to be stored, such as the garage, the pantry or organized in the refrigerator. By the time we leave, everything will be in its place, and if you don’t like an item, we will return absolutely anything or exchange it as well.”

As this peace-of-mind delivery is offered throughout South Florida, from Boca Raton to Homestead, is also community driven. They have partnered with the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) in which 5% of sales are donated through a coupon code. Unloathe is currently working on different coupon codes to contribute to any school, non-profit organization or charity.

This convenient new entrepreneurial project promotes something truly important in life: family time. Shopping smarter definitely leads to better living.