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Various thoughts on one of our most important holidays

Various thoughts on one of our most important holidays

By Rabbi Falvish Mordechai Dalfin
Chabad Rabbi in North Bay Village Florida

The holiday of Shavuot is very powerful; it raises us to G-d’s level, to His strength.

The great revelation of the Ten Commandments was presented to us on this day, so we must take this opportunity to utilize our greatest gift, which is Torah, to inspire our holy souls and infuse our bodies.

Torah is not just a book of history, philosophy and law; it is G-d’s essence.

The midrash says:”If people say that the other nations have Torah, don’t believe them. If they say they have wisdom, believe them.”

The secret to Jewish survival is Torah, thus we must live our lives according to its lessons.

Most of our problems are a result of not applying Torah values to our conduct.

Many conflicts and lots of aggravation can be avoided if we are humble and follow the practical applications.

The biggest cause of deficiencies in our society is ignorance of Torah wisdom. People are clueless of the magnitude of its infinite teachings.

We find in Jewish history many giant Tzadikim who made a major impact on millions of people. These righteous men and woman did not look for the spotlight; their goal was to sanctify G-d’s holy name; they were completely consumed with honoring the Almighty.

Our Holy Rabbis explain that when we study Torah today, we need to feel that G-d is sitting with us and speaking the words of Torah we are saying.

Some people ask: “Why do we need to spend so much time and effort with Torah learning? Will this provide us with an income? Can I pay my bills?” The answer is very clear: without Torah learning, we will crash our personal and community lives. Of course we need jobs and people need to work and be productive, however, without the main ingredient, which is the manual to life, we cannot exist.

If a child or an adult has everything they materially wish, will they be assured happiness? What happens with jealousy, greed, anger, selfishness and others? Torah values clarify how to utilize our resources without abusing them.

The holiday of Shavuot follows seven weeks of preparation, of counting the Omer. These forty-nine days are filled with a spiritual exercise to refine our character traits. Many good people, who study Torah, have a tendency of covering up their flaws. Torah is Emmet, true and pure. It is time to examine ourselves and correct our delinquent habits.

Wishing all of Am Yisroel

Kabalat Hatorah B’simcha U’bipnimiut!

Receiving the Torah with Joy & Internalization!