On The High Seas

Celebrity Reflection - Celebrity X Cruises®


By Virginia Gil

Breathe in, hearing the sound of the waves glide back and forth while you’re admiring the sunset. Breathe out; what a relaxing feeling it is to be in such a paradisiacal, unperturbed Caribbean atmosphere.

Celebrity X Cruises®, Celebrity Century docked in Valletta, Malta – Europe.

Planning for an unforgettable getaway is as important as the vacation itself. While choosing a cruise line to spend that pleasant vacation with that special someone, family, or group of friends, it is essential to understand the concept of modern cruise ships, which is very different from the ocean liners of old.

Consulting with Celebrity Cruises about what to look for in the perfect getaway, they shared with us the basic elements of modern cruises, which for them are design, cuisine, service, destinations, activities, and value; all of it summed up in the term “modern luxury,” which they emphasize is what every vacationer should evaluate when choosing a cruise line for their dream vacation.

With the expertise of these cruise gurus, we analyzed each of these elements.

Europe – Santorini, Greece

Design: In modern cruising, it all comes down to contemporary designs, warm spaces, and a soothing ambience that will truly make guests feel relaxed and pampered. There is nothing like a commodious cruise that has focused on every attention to detail, and in every way possible. It’s all about comfort and luxury combined for an unforgettable experience.

Globally Inspired Cuisine: In today’s globalized world, attracting your palate with culinary explorations will ameliorate your stay. Not only should innovative and delectable plates be offered by talented chefs, but guests should also have the option to have them pool side, as room service, outside of the stately rooms or the fine restaurants if they wish.

Service: Celebrity Cruise Lines considered this point one of the most important, saying their “service with a smile” approach was one of their pillars and main added value. According to Michael Bayley, president & CEO of Celebrity Cruises, the service and employees of modern luxury cruises should be “sensitive to customer’s needs, and so focused on taking care of them, that guests go away with this really strong feeling of satisfaction, based on this service ethic.” Service should be efficient yet friendly, with an authentic and genuine feel.

Celebrity Solstice® class restaurant.

Options: Are you interested in a more adventurous type of cruise, which includes tours of the areas visited? The consulted experts stated that modern cruise companies must understand that guests today have the most varied desires and aspirations for their vacation, and thus, must offer immersive cruise tour experiences to multiple destinations. Preferred locations include the Caribbean, Alaska, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Europe and South America.

Value Added Amenities and Activities: Some cruise guests prefer to bask in the sun, while others are looking forward to renowned Swedish massages with a lavender aromatherapy twist. For those individuals who prefer to go parasailing, engage in Hotwire Pitons Zipline by the Sea, swim with stingrays, go whitewater rafting or simply indulge in a champagne or favorite cocktail with a magnificent view, modern cruise lines such as Celebrity, must cater to all these seemingly extravagant needs.

Specials: Everyone loves a good deal. While looking for that perfect getaway, vacationers must explore the large variety of offers and promotions that modern cruise lines should have. Inquired on this, the people at Celebrity Cruises stated that besides offering special group discounts, they also offer free upgrades and gifts for special case clients such as honeymooners. They mentioned for example, that if you’re planning an anniversary vacation, you and your loved one will be greeted with champagne and roses, and you will receive special surprises throughout the cruise.

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Caribbean

In general, these are the attributes to look for when planning that trip of a lifetime. Once you’ve planned well and chosen your great escape based on these elements, you should feel rest assured that you have chosen the best escape, which includes superior quality, exceptional customer service and value. Afterwards, all you have to do is pack your flip flops, get some sunscreen, a few bathing suits, and sunglasses, because soon after it will be time to exhale and have a sip of that thirst quenching Bellini as you look out into a gentle horizon of blue.

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